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Welcome to sites about cheap calling over VoIP services !

Here you can find interesting and practical information about very cheap internet calling (voIP) and sending SMS provided by operators (InternetCalls, 12Voip, FreeVoipDeal, SMSlisto, VoipStunt, VoipGain, VoipBlast,...) of company Betamax/Dellmont and service Skype by Microsoft.

Informations about calling

All operators provide FREE trial calls to selected countries (actual offer CR/EU, US/AU ! ...) without registration. If you buy credit (min. 10 Euro, incl. VAT+FEE 380 CZK from official reseller) you get FREE calls for max. 30-120 days or more (after buy/recharge) and max. 300min/7days (it is 20 hours per month) ! After free days & no recharge (credit does not expire - till money run out), you pay minimal rate only 0.25 CZK/min ! You can send SMS around the world and CR from 0.25 CZK! Rates for calls on mobiles in CR are from 2.5 CZK/min !

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